Learn to be comfortable with your attraction to trans women !

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    Beautiful trans women

    Trans women are very beautiful and intelligent. When you meet them online or offline in bar for example, they exude so much brilliance and are attractive. You have to be confident and comfortable with your feelings towards a trans woman.

    They aren’t intimidating and are transparent with their feelings. When discussing with a trans woman, be comfortable and listen without any prejudice.

    Acknowledge and accept your own feelings about trans women

    Dating a trans woman is one of the best experiences you will have, therefore, you have to accept your feelings. Don’t follow societal norms or listen to misconceptions about trans women. The most important thing when dating someone is to be emotional and in tune with your feelings. You can work and practice by chatting on dating sites.

    Accept the fact that you want to be with a trans woman for romance, sex, or love adventure. Take a stand when society or friends are saying otherwise; it’s your happiness that matters, not what anybody will say.

    Two beautiful trans women

    Be open and understanding to those who are confused or uncomfortable with this preference

    You have to understand that immediately you decide to date a trans woman, there are going to be people who will go against your wish. Over the years, there have been many myths and stereotypes about trans women and other LGBTQ members.

    While times have changed and people are beginning to understand better, not everybody is on board. There are still people who don’t accept LGBTQ and are against dating them. Many people still stigmatize these wonderful people, and it is in your interest to enlighten them.

    When you come across people who are against your choice of dating a transsexual woman, educate them. Tell them that’s your choice and you are happy with it. Don’t be abusive towards them, rather help them know more about trans women.

    Learn to address this preference without taboos and shame

    When there are obstacles to your dating a trans woman, address your preference boldly. There is no shame or taboo in dating people that are LGBTQ, in fact, it can be a great honor. Be proud of your being in a relationship with a trans woman, because there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Your feelings, desires, and happiness come first, don’t let anybody rob you of this joy.

    There are still a lot of people who feel dating a trans woman is not ideal, when you meet such people they might want to discourage you. Don’t entertain negative thoughts or shame when people come against your decision, be proud of your stance and stick to your partner.

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